Installing a Scrapstore PlayPod can have numerous benefits for children and adults.  Common observations include:

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  • Improvements in behaviour and a reduction of incidents and accidents.

  • Integrated play across age ranges, abilities and genders.

  • Utilisation of the resources for positive classroom learning.

  • Children’s perceptions of the school day improve.

  • More confident and motivated staff.

“The Scrapstore PlayPod has changed the behaviour of children at school quite voluntarily allowing the children to exercise more choice and independence, take greater risks, problem solve and have much more fun through imaginative and creative play. This has invigorated many of the staff in their jobs, bringing new motivations and excitement about their work and its impact.” Head Teacher

The Scrapstore PlayPod grew out of a research project in Bristol in 2007 that wanted to address the need for high quality, freely chosen, child directed play opportunities in primary schools.  The results of this project were extraordinary and created a huge interest from other schools and settings. 

Since then we have been working with primary schools and early years settings all over the UK ranging from Cornwall to the Orkney Islands and beyond to become a nationally recognised programme. We have installed over 350 Scrapstore PlayPods, enabling over 100,000 children access to loose parts play and quality playtime experiences on a regular basis.

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It’s probably the best thing that has ever happened to me at school.Year 4 Girl