Playpods Installed: 100   Children Supported: 30000
Registered Charity No: 1008788

What am I committing to when purchasing a Scrapstore PlayPod?

The process of installing a PlayPod creates a complete cultural change in the way children play at lunchtime that impacts everyone in the school community.  This process is designed to be adaptable to each individual school to enable its success, but does require commitment from the school management down in order for this to happen, including:

• Engagement and commitment from school management including co-operating in various meetings and communicating this to all key stakeholders involved.  On average this is a six month process.
• Supporting and empowering the lunchtime staff in taking ownership of lunchtimes and the PlayPod
• Engage in a siting survey to enhance play in other areas and not displace other playtime activities
• Support and consider suggested changes to lunchtime logistics
• Ensuring that the design features and specifications of the Scrapstore PlayPod are acknowledged and adhered to. Including features such as large opening side, high specification safety standard equipment in door manufacture and construction
• Encouraging staff to take ownership of the refill process and keeping the PlayPod tidy and well loved.
• Regard the PlayPod as a resource that needs energy and enthusiasm in order to keep it sustainable and of interest to children’s play needs.

We believe it is important to get both the human and physical environment right for children to play, and if done properly, can create a wide range of benefits for the children and the school.