Playpods Installed: 100   Children Supported: 30000
Registered Charity No: 1008788

What types of play can I expect to see?

The introduction of loose parts in school playgrounds has enabled children to be really creative in their play, simply because they are non-prescriptive and encourage a range of different play types. It enhances the physical and human environment within schools; creating stimulating and interactive spaces where children can learn through play.

“The inclusion of the Scrapstore PlayPod® and its loose parts to the school environment has been enormously successful. Lunchtimes have been transformed from the bland and boring to the creative and imaginative, bringing out an opportunity for children to extend their natural and intrinsic desire to play, explore, adapt and cooperate. The benefits of the project for the whole school are plain for all to see.” Marc Armitage, PlayPeople

“What we’ve really noticed about the Scrapstore PlayPod is that all children get involved. There’s enough stuff in there for them all to play and they don’t get fed up with it they just keep finding other things to do.” Head Teacher, Severn Beach Primary School

Loose parts help children to also engage in various types of play involving sustained concentration, creative experiences, team building, co-operation, effective communication, increased sharing and negotiation, problem solving, and experiential learning. They also provide an opportunity for all children to play and express themselves freely.

‘I use the little tubes for roller-skates” KS2 Boy, Cadbury Heath Junior School

With happy, engaged children being more receptive to formal learning and hence benefitting the curriculum, schools will become more successful by any number of criteria.