Playpods Installed: 100   Children Supported: 30000
Registered Charity No: 1008788

How often is the PlayPod restocked?

After an initial stock, a Scrapstore PlayPod® is refilled five times during the course of the first year. Consequently there are five refill forms. The school needs to complete a refill form and either fax, email or post it to the Children’s Scrapstore for the attention of the Warehouse Manager. There is a box on the form where particular items of scrap can be requested. We will aim to deliver the scrap requested but this always depends on availability.

Any scrap materials which are no longer required will need to be bagged up ready for our driver on the delivery date. It is up to each school how they decide to accommodate this process; for example it could be an ongoing procedure or a big blitz around the refill date.